Guggul (Gugal)

Guggul (Gugal)

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Guggul ?is the common name for the flowering mukul myrrh tree, its scientific name is Commiphora Mukul. Guggul is a very important herb in the Ayurvedic tradition and while it is rarely taken by itself, an entire class of medicines has been built around the use of guggul.

Uses & Benefits:

  1. Guggul helps reduce high cholesterol, because it lowers harmful low-density lipoproteins while elevating the beneficial high-density lipoproteins. It helps prevent blood platelet aggregation and breaks up already formed blood clots. Thus, it helps prevent heart disease and stroke.
  2. Guggul is also widely promoted as a weight loss agent that supposedly enhances thyroid function.
  3. Guggul lipid stimulates the activity of white blood cells in the body, contributing to the build-up of the immune system. Guggul lipid also helps eliminate and expel dead tissues, wastes, and toxins from the body.
  4. Guggul lipid may also be used to treat arthritis and reduce inflammation of the joints.
  5. A small controlled trial compared oral gugulipid against tetracycline for the treatment of acne, and reported equivalent results.


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